On Cloning

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Our pedal making adventure began by building clones of out of production pedals. We knew we would never get to hear an original Tonebender, for example, so the easiest way around it was to build our own. Of course, a clone will almost never be exactly as the original in tone, but they can come pretty close. And in some cases even better, although that is highly subjective.

We still make clones from time to time and we will offer our favorite fuzz, the Burns Buzzaround clone, as long as our supply of germanium transistors lasts. We can do other clones by request (out of production models only), so please contact us if there’s something you’d like.
Some pedals we’ve built in the past include:

  • Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII
  • Jordan Bosstone
  • Mosrite Fuzzrite
  • Burns Buzzaround
  • Dallas Rangemaster
  • Univox Superfuzz
  • Shin Ei Companion Fuzz
  • Dan Armstrong Green Ringer

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