Burns Buzzaround Clone

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This fuzz pedal is based on the legendary Baldwin Burns Buzzaround.
The Buzzaround was made in England between about 1965 to 1968. Most famously used by Robert Fripp on the early King Crimson material. Very similar in many ways to the SolaSound Tonebender, with some key differences. They both use 3 germanium transistors, but the 3 knobs on the Buzzaround are very interactive and allow for a much wider range of tonal variations. While it can get classic 60s fuzz tone sounds, this pedal also has a very beefy, modern sound. Check out the video to hear what it can do.

These pedals are handmade using some great sounding NOS germanium transistors. As they are not the exact transistors used in the originals, this would not be considered a true "clone", but the rest of the circuit is a duplication of the original.

View or download the User's Guide for the Buzzaround Clone. (Link opens in new window)