Double Helix

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The Double Helix is a basic 60s style fuzz with a unique character. Instead of the usual abundance of sustain found in most fuzz pedals, the Double Helix has a faster decay. Single notes will bloom, then die out quickly. It also has a slight octave up effect. This adds a certain dissonance to full chords. If you roll your guitar volume down very low, it will do a pretty convincing sitar effect with single notes.

The controls are very simple. The left knob controls Volume. The right knob controls Thickness. It is similar to a tone control, but offers less variation. It basically rolls off a little low end to give a slightly thinner sound. It is very subtle. Fully to the left (or ‘0’) will be thinner. Fully to the right (or ‘10’) will be thicker. There is not much in between. It is really designed to operate like a switch, one side or the other.

The Double Helix is an ode to guitarist Arto Lindsay and his work with the No Wave band DNA. He had a very brittle, jagged sound, which he got using a detuned 12 string straight into a slightly overdriven amp. This is not an attempt to duplicate that sound. That would be impossible, as the only way to sound like Arto Lindsay is to be Arto Lindsay. But we’ve used that inspiration to create this little gem. It‘s simple on the surface, but there is plenty to be gained by exploring this unique pedal.

Check it out here: