The Lucid Fuzz

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The Lucid Fuzz is designed for the guitarist who has everything. It is a big, wooly sounding fuzz enclosed in a small (3.5"x3.5") clear plastic box. Each box is filled with various decorative items to enhance its beauty. This is not a stomp box. Step on this thing and it's lights out. You don't turn it on or off, there's no bypassing the glorious fuzz within. You're fully committed, you either play through it or you unplug it. So you probably won't be taking this to your next gig (unless you truly are fearless). But it's great for recording or home practice, etc. Or it makes a nice paperweight, although that's a gross misuse of its purpose.

It runs on a 9 volt battery which will last a long time (don't forget to unplug the input when not in use). There is no circuit board. All the components are free floating within the box. One knob controls volume.
You need one of these! Listen to the demo and look through the slideshow of images on the right to see the various designs. Many options are available. You can even fill it with your own stuff if you want!
$55 shipped to lower 48. Contact for price to other areas/countries.

Marcus Watkins demonstrates the Lucid Fuzz

(audio is from the onboard mic on the little Flip camera. Still decent, I’d say)

Click through photo gallery below to view various designs