Welcome to F Hole, a warm, safe place for all things sonic. Created by Los Angeles-based musician Joe Berardi, F Hole makes devices for manipulating, transforming or generating sound. That means effects pedals for guitars/etc., noisemaking boxes or circuit bent toys and instruments. Our taste leans towards the outer edges of the audio spectrum, so we won’t be offering polite overdrives or compressors or other tools to make things sound “better”. There are plenty of other people doing that quite well, and the world doesn’t need one more. At least not this one. But if you’re interested in alternatives, you might find something you like here. We love fuzz and all things fuzzy.

All our products are hand made and hand painted and designed for musical use (keeping in mind the definition of “musical” is broad and very subjective). The process of circuit bending involves exploration and the sometimes accidental discovery of new, unintended sounds, and we carry that over into all the devices we make. As we feel it’s important that a piece of gear look as appealing as it sounds, we offer many different visual designs for the pedals and instruments. We hope to display this variety as much as we can on the site. In the future we will be offering an “artist series” of hand painted pedals by various visual artists along with some special surprises. Please check back as we will be adding new ideas to the site as they come up.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Thanks!